About the Reva Car Club

The Reva Car Club was originally formed in the summer of 2006 under the name "G-Wiz Owner's Club" (the Reva cars were sold under the name G-Wiz in the UK). This Club was disbanded some years later and in 2019 replaced by the Reva GWiz Car Club. Some information in this web site was copied from the previous club's website and so thanks and acknowledgments are made to the original author.

The club is an informal group of Reva GWiz electric car owners and enthusiasts. It exists as a forum to exchange views and ideas and as a repository of technical information about the cars.

Membership is open to all enthusiasts and is free. Central to the Reva GWiz Car Club's activities is the on-line forum which is hosted on Facebook . This allows club members to exchange views and ideas online. If you are interested in finding out more about the car, or have a comment of your own to make, it is well worth reading and contributing.

How to join the Reva Car Club

To join the club, all you need to do is register to join the Facebook  group.